13 The tombstone is a cultural area of individual. It provides us the possibility to inform about the deceased. The stonemason offers to include the variety of life, thoughts and memories of relatives in the design of a dignified gravestone, considering many of creationpossibilities.


14 The 3 diagrams/dimensions front view, side view and top view help to have a better imagination about a costly gravestone.


Description of the stones to each picture:


The net tells you are bound in life; it brakes through the death. A track between both vertical lines, shown as a recess, is the upwards trend for the soul.
The depth of the surface and the different structures of surfaces help to separate the elements of creation, here net, track, convex surfaces, to reach the best expression.
There are many more different surfacestructures and creationelements available to fulfill your imagination…


10 A plant with a sprout tells about life; in the middle of it is the face of christ chisled out as a relief.


The combination of nature and faith opens a lot of possibilities to express form and ornamentation in stone. 11


17 Sunrays behind the cross.Front: Polished front. The sunrays are chisled out. Sides: Rough surfaces on both sides protruding polished cross. Fractures left and right, grinded; polished cross.


Front: cross with sunrays and mountains… 15


18 ….Glacierlike surface on all sides.


This tombstone was done according to a sketch of the deceased. It is designed symmetrically and generous in arrangement. It gives a quiet impression. A unique stone is professionally developed with convex and concave surfaces and an embossed cross in the middle. 19


20 An exact copy of the stone above in size and form by the wish of the relatives. Just the surface is nearly polished and the sunrays are engraved decently.
One of the hardest materials of stone has been treated here.


skizze2 another idea of the gravestone above as sketch.